To get started on the Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide, simply select from one of the following chapters:

1. What is linux?
2. Choosing a distribution
3. Installing your distribution.
4. What's The X Window System?
5. What's this KDE thing?
6. What's this GNOME thing?
7. I don't know any commands!
8. How do I get software?
9. How do I install software?
10. Managing my files

Hoster's perspective on Linux administration

Welcome to the Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide!

Whether you have been using Windows and DOS for 10 years, or if you are totally new to computers and Linux is the first operating system you have ever seen before, this guide can help you get to grips with the basics of the Linux operating system.

At all times, you can navigate through this web site, using the buttons at the top of the screen. Just click on one of the 10 chapters in the Chapter Guide to begin.

If you get really stuck, and the chapters don't answer that vital question, then please click on the Forum button. Lots of people (including me!) are waiting to help you!

I hope that the Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide helps you into a new world of operating environments, and hopefully makes you smile along the way!

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If you are completely new to Linux, I suggest starting on Chapter 1 : What is Linux?

If you want a more in depth description of what each of the chapters are about before you embark on reading them, then have a look here.

The Linux Newbie Guide is always a work in progress, To see all of the latest developments on the site and in the Linux Community as a whole, please have a look here.

Al, The webmaster has comprised a few things that would be useful as a reference, or to print out. Check here to find out what certain Linux commands do, and how to build a kernel and (soon) much more! In addition to the standard chapters, we also provide Hot Topics which are quick, easy tutorials on getting the sort of stuff most new users to Linux want to do, IE: Connect to the Internet, Burn a CD.

If you want to suggest something to the webmaster, or you have a problem that's not being answered on the forum, don't be afraid to write to Al!

For all the best links to helpful resources in getting you started with Linux, including the homepages of the best distributions and other handy Linux resources that you can't go without!

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