Below is a list of sites that I would think would be useful to the Linux newbie, put into two categories: Day to day Linux Sites, the sorta sites you may find yourself going back to tens or hundreds of times, and Linux Distribution Providers, this is a list of the 10 most well known Linux Distribution Providers, there are many more, but this will help you out, most (if not all) of the listed providers will allow you to download their distributions straight from their web site or ftp server. Have fun!

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Day to day Linux Sites: A popular home for Linux people The official home of the K Desktop Environment, download it here The official home of the Gnome Desktop, download it here The X Free 86 Project: X Windows For Free, For Linux The Linux Documentation Project - Need Linux help? Get it here! Freshmeat: The place to find new/existing Linux software Slashdot: News for nerds- a whole lotta linux LinuxNews: The site devoted to supplying you with 100% Linux News LokiGames: The Games that Linux People Play The webserver that comes with most Linux distros, Apache The mailserver that comes with most Linux distros, Sendmail The ftp server that comes with most Linux distros, Wu-FTPd The SMB (MS/Windows) File transfer system project for Unix based systems, that comes with most Linux distros A place to find and download thousands of RPM packaged Applications for Linux VmWare: Run a real Windows / NT / 2000 / OS2 / UNIX box *inside* Linux! - The UNIX Guide. An original and best solution to learning UNIX and it's commands

Linux Distribution Providers:
1. Red Hat Linux
2. SuSE Linux
3. Linux-Mandrake
4. Slackware
5. Caldera OpenLinux
6. Debian Linux
7. Storm Linux
8. Linux For Windows (Lin4Win)
9. Corel Linux
10. Trustix Secure Linux

Apparently, there are over 180 Linux distributions out there, to see a full list, why not check out the Linux Distribution List, at

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